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How to Keep a Rabbit As a Pe

How to Keep a Rabbit As a PetRabbits are tame and make good pets as they require little care. They are affectionate and can be trained.

Rabbits are active and curious. Once around humans, they can form strong bonds with the family members. Rabbits live to a long age (about 12 years), so be prepared to have them around for a long period of time. They are not aggressive, in fact, they are quite mild mannered. However, if they are not handled properly, they can become aggressive and destructive.

Choosing a rabbit

While white is the commonest color, rabbits come in a range of sizes and colors. They may be single colored or even striped. When you are choosing a rabbit, look for one which seems healthy. Younger rabbits are easier to train and you can train them to use the litter box.

It is also a good idea to buy more than one rabbit as they are social animals and welcome company. You should make sure that they are neutered, otherwise you will be stuck with litters of babies.

The common rabbit species are:

  • American Chinchilla
  • Dutch
  • Lionhead
  • Beveran
  • English Spot
  • Himalayan
  • American Fuzzy Lop
  • Angora

Housing the rabbit

You can house rabbits in a hutch or large cages. They should have sufficient room to move. They can be kept indoors or outdoors. In fact, rabbits do well when they have some place to run around and even burrow. So they should be let out of the hutches for some time.

The hutch should be weatherproofed and locked, except when you need to open it to take out the rabbit or for cleaning. It should be lined with newspapers, sawdust and hay. Ideally there should be a separate sleeping area for the rabbit. It will have to be kept cleaned thoroughly at least once a week. On a daily basis you will need to remove leftover food, spoilt or wet bedding and maintain hygiene levels.


Rabbits have very sensitive digestive systems and should be fed properly. Meadow hay is a requirement because it gives them the chance to gnaw and they also feed on the hay which provides fiber. You can buy ready made rabbit food which should be given along with fresh vegetables, root vegetables, fruits and greens at least three times a week.

Don’t give too much of ready made rabbit food which is high in fat and starch because this can made the animal fat and prone to various diseases. Rabbits also enjoy the occasional treat of lilies and roses to eat. You should also keep a water bottle in the hutch and make sure the water is changed daily.

Health care

If fed properly and taken care of rabbits are quite hardy. However, they do need to be vaccinated against myxomatosis and viral hemorrhagic disease, which can prove fatal. Talk to the vet about shots and taking care of your pet.

You should also groom your pet regularly, brushing his fur gently. His claws will also need clipping when long. If you can’t do it yourself, the vet or his assistant will do it for you.


You should place some toys in the hutch to allow the rabbit to play with stuff. There can also be some large tubes for the rabbit to move in and out. You can also place miscellaneous objects for rabbits to play with.

If you keep your rabbit on a harness, you can take it for a walk. Otherwise you should make sure that you spend some time with it, stroking it and playing with it as rabbits enjoy contact.

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10 New Species of Flora & Fauna in Borneo











Raining mystery blobs, blob Rain The Mysterious

In 1994, a strange phenomenon is happening in Oakville, Washington, USA. Areas with a population of 665 souls are startled by a strange phenomenon that occurs in their area. Rain fell in heavy, but not the usual rain rain but a mysterious substance in the form of gels. Strangeness does not end there, after the mysterious rain subsided, some residents began experiencing flu symptoms. Is the mysterious rain cause?

These events occurred exactly on the date of August 7, 1994 in the morning. Residents did not realize that on that day will happen rain. Then, not long after, the rain came down, but it is not raining rain water but a mysterious substance in the form of gels.

Mysterious rain that did not last long. After subsided, residents saw scattered clumps of gel that where - where. Because the event was unprecedented in Oakville, so many people who try to hold the gel-shaped substance. A local policeman said, "The substance is very soft, like holding a lump of jelly in your hands. We know that many strange phenomena in this world, but it's true - really something unusual."

Toward late afternoon, most people begin to experience strange symptoms in their bodies. They experience dizziness - headache, nausea, difficulty breathing, there is even an unconscious resident. Dozens or perhaps hundreds of people rushed to local hospitals, and that makes the surprise is that the symptoms suffered by each - each resident is different. There are only experiencing flu symptoms, there is suffering from vertigo serious complications in the eye, there is also suffering from inner ear infections. Since many who suspect that a mysterious plague epidemic was caused by unusual rains, then one resident named Sunny that strange substance brought to the hospital for examination.

After investigation by the hospital, a lab technician to announce the results of lab tests. According to him the substance megansung human white blood cells, hmm .. similar to the red rain in Kerala, but with a different case. We are not sure whether this is the cause of the epidemic in this region, but we have sent samples to the Washington Health Department for further investigation.

Meanwhile, one other microbiological named Mike McDowell said that if he had not found any biological structure of the substance, but he found two types of bacteria that are harmful to humans. One of them attacked the human digestive system, but Mike also can not ensure the type of bacteria.

Then, from which this substance come from? some people suspect that the mysterious substance derived from human waste dumped from an airplane komersil.Tetapi, the theory got a rebuttal because in accordance with FAA regulations, the dirt is removed from commercial aircraft is blue because it is mixed with a special material, while the substance is actually clear.

According to one resident, the rain had flushed the peculiar Oakville 6 times in 3 weeks. Many people are sick and too many animals that die after handling the strange blob. Residents were then brought samples of the lump and took it to another microbiological experts, namely Tim Davis.

After investigation, Davis said that he found in the eukaryotic cell clumps, although he has not entirely sure. He said that the eukaryotic cell is a cell that is found in living things, especially in animals.

Because of this bizarre case of rain blobs are mysteries and unsolved, there arose various speculations about the events that struck Oakville on August 7, 1994. One of the most popular theory is the chemtrail theory. A resident said that many low-flying military aircraft in their area, sometimes there are black helicopters also flew low over the Oakville area. They suspect that the mysterious substance tersbeut from planes and helicopters.

Unfortunately, their theory until now still not been proven, although it sounds convincing. However, rain terjadu mysterious substance in the Oakville area is still a mystery to this day, and the biggest question that haunts the population of Oakville is Where, how, and why strange events that hit their area.


5 Most Dangerous Profit Gains on Earth

Laba-laba memberikan kontribusi tak terhitung untuk ekosistem bumi. Mereka membersihkan populasi serangga berbahaya, memelihara tanaman dan hewan penting. Sutra mereka adalah suatu keajaiban alam, dan dapat dimanfaatkan untuk aplikasi militer dan industri untuk manusia.Berikut adalah 5 laba-laba paling mematikan yang dikenal manusia.


Laba-laba Redback (punggung merah) ditemukan di seluruh penjuru Australia. Redback betina biasanya berwarna hitam dengan jejak merah dan bergaris oranye di punggung. Laba-laba ini memiliki racun neurotoksik dan bila tergigit dapat menyebabkan melemahnya otot, mual, muntah dan berkeringat. Yang paling fatal adalah lumpuh dan menimbulkan kematian.


Laba-laba funnel-web juga berasal dari Australia. Funnel-web jantan berwarna hitam atau coklat mengkilap. Laba-laba ini saat menyerang, berdiri dengan kaki belakang mereka, memperlihatkan taring mereka. Mereka juga memiliki racun neurotoksik dan gigtan mereka dapat menyebabkan air liur berkeringat, kejang, dan keluar air mata. Bahkan hanya dengan melihat mereka, kamu bisa mengeluarkan air mata.


Laba-laba Brazilian Wandering ditemukan di hutan Amerika Selatan. Mereka gugup dan agresif. Gigitannya sangat menyakitkan karena ia melepaskan serotonin ke aliran darah korbannya. Serotonin bisa membuatmu mati seperti terkena overdosis narkoba.


Laba-laba kecil ini mempunyai punggung berbentuk biola. Racun Brown Recluse Spider menyebabkan bentol. Gigitannya juga tidak sakit, namun jangan salah, bentolan tersebut kemudian akan membusuk dan terlepas dari bagian tubuh korbannya.


Laba-laba ini mungkin adalah yang paling mematikan. Laba-laba hitam mengkilap ini dapat ditemukan di Amerika Utara. Racun neurotoksik mereka menimbulkan rasa sakit saat menggigit, dengan dua tanda taring yang jelas sesudahnya. Gejala-gejala gigitannya termasuk rasa sakit perut dan punggung, kram otot perut, gagal pernapasan, tekanan darah tinggi, kegelisahan dan jika terlampau lama digigit, akan menyebabkan kematian.


Recognize Tips & How to Avoid Pickpockets

1. Copet

This is based on the experience several times caught a pickpocket in action diangkot village rambutan, Cullinan and Leuwiliang, this is how diangkot pickpocket in action.
One hand and one hand over again to sneak behind your bag or jacket, pickpocket another guard, tried to divert the attention of other passengers or picking pockets.
Let us identify the characteristics of pickpockets:
1. Usually consists of two people, both rise together or not, if it is not usually the second pickpocket pickpocket rises not far from the first, pretending not to know between a pickpocket with his friend.

2. Bring a jacket or a bag big hands but no content, but sometimes big bags filled with foam plasticity lightweight as possible, bag or jacket saved lap it all to cover the action.

3. Dressed, some of whom I met wear a shirt, wear shoes, there is also a disposable hat.

4. Age varied, the time at both Cullinan area about 25 years old, while pickpockets diangkot leuwiliang age about 40 and 45 years, scruffy younger.

5. Suspicious movements, usually pay attention to the first victim from toe to tip of hair.

6. Seat rather tight despite the surrounding adjacent empty seat.

The way to avoid it:
1. Leave the money necessary for fees dikantong, store large amounts of money or a phone far away from the reach of pickpockets for instance in the folds of clothes in a bag or cracked in some places the money so that if one is lost there are still others.

2. Be suspicious of people who carry large bags or jackets lap.

3. Be suspicious of people with suspicious movements, sat tight-tight, pay attention to people from toe to tip of hair.

4. Be suspicious of people who one hand hidden behind a bag or jacket.

5. Do not daydream and try not to fall asleep.

6. Do not be fixated on one view, try the occasional glance towards the other.

7. Do not try to show off the phone, use mobile phones as necessary and save it again in a safe place.

8. If using bags with double zippers, zipper change position to a position above that seen by other passengers.

9. If during your trip will not take anything from the bag, how good your bag or wrapped in rain cover bag cover.

10. If in public transportation just left you and the person suspected of pickpocketing, you better go down and replace with other public transportation, better than the loss adds diongkos your life and property are threatened, but remember come down a crowded place.


10 Cities With The World's Most Expensive Parking Rates

In order to overcome congestion in dense urban vehicle, usually a local government imposed a very high parking rates. The goal is none other than private vehicle users to switch to public transport.

Some time ago, the city administration also mewacanakan parking according to the current applied rates. Each zone will be increased rates vary up to fivefold. Of course this step in order to restrict traffic in the center of the capital.

Restriction of vehicles by raising tariffs 'crazy' is actually already done some surplus city vehicles. MSN Autos has recently released the 10 cities with the world's most expensive parking rates. Not only in Europe and America, the cities in Asia also has implemented a supermahal parking rates.

Here are 10 cities with the highest parking rates in the world:

1. London
You can be proud to live in London, England. Close to Buckingham Palace, and you also can see Big Ben, the clock tower located in the Houses of Parliament at Westminster. But you have to think twice when driving a car there.

Yes. The city is implementing the world's most expensive parking rates. Just imagine, in a month subscription park there are 578.87 pounds sterling, or about Rp 8, 3 million.

2. Hong Kong's
Hong Kong may be just as People's Republic of China administrative regions. But Hong Kong as a British Commonwealth country apply the parking rates are similar to London.

As the island is a high traffic financial, Hong Kong including narrow city. Since Hong Kong's parking rates apply to subscriptions Rp6, 6 million per month.

3. Tokyo
City of hyper-modern metropolis, Tokyo is really laid out as effectively as possible. 13 million people live in the crowded city center and 39 million others in the suburbs of Tokyo must make to keep from breaking down.

No wonder that this city parking charge Rp 5, 8 million per month. Even for a daily rate reached Rp773 thousand per vehicle.

4. Rome
Driving in Rome, Italy, is a very impressive experience. You can surround the city with its beauty.

But if for the business you have to reach the pockets of parking Rp5, 4 million a month. Not cheap is not it?

5. Zurich
Very easy to remember this town in Switzerland. The town is filled with ancient buildings where parking is not really ideal. Zurich does not have a lot of open space, such as Australia. But for the business park, the city is to charge very high, Rp5, 35 million per month.

6. Sydney
Cities in Australia is ranked sixth for business parking. How not, city parking rates apply Rp5 subscription, 2 million per month per vehicle.

7. Perth
Again Australia. Cities in Western Australia is applying a very high parking, although residents in this city no more than 7 thousand people. Monthly parking rates average in the city is around 5 million.

8. Brussels
Belgium's capital city has become one of the most expensive parking rates on the planet. How not to park there tariff Rp 4, 8 million per month.

9. New York
New York is one city in the state of the United States that apply the parking rates are quite expensive. Monthly subscriptions priced parking rates Rp4, 7 million and Rp358 thousand per day.

10. Copenhagen 20Denmark.jpg
Denmark's capital is the most environmentally friendly city. 36 percent of Copenhagen residents commute to work by bicycle. Application of a very high parking rates also become one of the causes of the many people who use bicycles. Just imagine, parking fees subscriptions there reached Rp 4, 7 per month. While the daily rate Rp372 thousand.


True Story of Life 7, Kids Struggle Wonderful World

The story of the struggle of seven children who were really has touched me ... how a child fighting for his rights to remain acceptable to the community environment for HIV ... what a struggle that deserves appreciation ... was really touching. ... read the details below ....

1.Nkosi Johnson, from 1989 to 2001
born in 1989 in johanesburg.ia never know ayahnya.Nkosi been HIV positive since birth, he was adopted by Gail Johnson began memjadi johnson.Nkosi public attention in 1997, when an elementary school in the city of Johannesburg Melville refused to accept it as a student because HIV-positive disease which is causing uproar he derita.kejadian highest level, South African politics, the constitution prohibits discrimination on the basis of status is a core medis.Nkosi talks in 13 International AIDS Conference, where he encouraged AIDS victims to be open about the disease and to get treatment sama.ini Nkosi remarks are excerpts:

"We are all human beings are equal, we have hands, we have legs, we can walk, we can talk, we have needs like everyone else, do not be afraid of us, because we are all equal"
Nelson Mandela called Nkosi as an "iconic struggle for life".

Together with the foster mother, Nkosi founded a refuge for HIV positive mothers and their children, Nkosi's Haven, in Johannesburg.Pada November 2005, Gail represented Nkosi when he received the International Peace Prize from the hands of Mikhail Gorbachev's children. Nkosi's Haven received U.S. $ 100,000 prize money from the Foundation KidsRights and sculptures that have been named the Nkosi in Nkosi Johnson Nkosi's kehormatan.kehidupan is the subject of a book by Jim Woote Us.

2.Hector Pieterson, from 1964 to 1976
Hector Pieterson (1964-16 June 1976) became in 1976 the iconic image of rebellion in apartheid South Africa when a news photograph by Sam Nzima of the death of Hector being carried by his friend, has been published worldwide. He was killed at age 12 when police fired on student protesters. 16 June stood as a symbol of resistance against the atrocities of the apartheid government. Currently, known as National Youth Day - a day in South Africa that respects young people and bring attention to their needs.

16 June 2002, has inaugurated a Hector Pieterson museum near where he was in Orlando West.
picture below is 16 June 1976 Sam Nzima photograph of Hector Pieterson Mbuyisa Makhubo brought, accompanied by Hector's sister, Antoinette.

3.Iqbal Still, from 1982 to 1995
Iqbal Masih is a Pakistani boy aged 4 years who had been sold to the carpet industry as a slave with a price of U.S. $ 12. He was put to work for twelve hours a day. Because of the long hours and hard work, lack of food and care, Iqbal has a very small body. At the age of twelve years, did not like Iqbal bodied boys who just turned 6 years old. At the age of 10 years, he escaped from brutal slavery and later joined the Labor Liberation Front of Pakistan bonds to help stop child labor around the world, Iqbal meolong more than 3,000 Pakistani children out of labor, the escape to freedom.

He was killed on Easter Sunday 1995. Suspected by many that he had been murdered by members of the "Carpet Mafia" because it brings publicity against child labor in industry.

In 1994, Iqbal was awarded the Reebok Human Rights Award. In 2000, when the Prize for the Rights of the Child is formed, he was awarded this prize as one of the Laureates.

4.Thandiwe Chama, 1991
thandiwe Chama is a 16-year-old Zambian girl, he gets scooped the 2007 International Children's get rid of 28 other nominees from around the prestasius dunia.hadiah was given to thandiwe on Sunday by Nobel Peace Prize winner Betty Williams and Live8 initiator, Sir Bob geldof.hadiah a statue of "the Nkosi" and the money of 100,000 Euros.

In 1999 when thandiwe was 8 years old, her school was closed because there is no teacher, thandiwe along with 60 other children were walking to find a school lainnya.akhirnya all children are accommodated at the Jack Cecup School.diperkuat with his performance, thandiwe always screaming about the rights of school children to get education layak.thandiwe continue to speak out, for example by speaking in front of the church about children and AIDS, but the problem is not always easy gereja.bersama discussed with his friend he was writing and illustrating a book called "The Chicken with AIDS" which tells the story of children with AIDS.

"It's very important to know that children also have rights. At school I learned about rights. And then I know that this is something that I want to fight. For if the children had been given the chance, they sure can contribute in this world make a better place. "- Thandiwe Chama

5.Om Prakash Gurjar, 1992
At the age of five, he was taken from his parents and worked in the fields for 3 tahun.setelah that he became an activist in the Bachpan Bachao Andolan, he campaigned for free education in rajasthan.dia then helped set up a network known as the "child friendly villages" , where children are respected and the rights of working children are not allowed. He also set up a network that aims to provide all children with birth certificates as a way to help protect them from exploitation. He also works to ensure children given a birth certificate. He said the registrar is the first step towards enshrining children's rights, proving their age, and to help protect them from slavery, trafficking, forced marriage or serving as child soldiers.
He was awarded the International Children's Peace Prize by former South African President FW de Klerk, who won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1993.

6.Samantha Smith, from 1972 to 1985
Samantha Reed Smith was a student from Manchester United, samantha became famous in the era of Cold War America and the Soviet Union. In November 1982, when Smith was 10 years old, he wrote a letter to Soviet leader Yuri Andropov, he asked why the relationship between the Soviet Union and the United States so menegangkan.kemudian letter published in the Soviet newspaper Pravda. Samantha is very pleased to know that the letter had been published, however, he did not get a reply. He then sent a letter to the Soviet Union's in the United States Ambassador to ask if there is a response from Mr. Andropov. On April 26, 1983, she received a response from Andropov.

Smith attracted extensive media attention in both countries as a "Goodwill Ambassador", and became known as the "United States Ambassador to the younger" to participate in peace activities in Japan. He wrote a book and co-starred in the television series, before his death at age 13 in Bar Harbor Airlines Flight 1808 plane crash.

7.Anne Frank, from 1929 to 1945
readers must have heard about the furor diary anne frank ..
Annelies Marie "Anne" Frank (June 12, 1929 - February / March 1945) was a Jewish woman who wrote a diary while in hiding with his family and four friends in Amsterdam during the Nazi occupation of Holland during World War II. After hiding for two years, their group was betrayed and they were taken to concentration camps which resulted in all were killed except for Otto, Anne's father. Otto returned to Amsterdam and she finds her diary. Assured of unique records, Otto tried to publish it.

The diary was given to Anne on his thirteenth birthday and the events chronicled the life of Anne of June 12, 1942 until the last note on August 1, 1944. Finally, the diary was translated from Dutch into many languages ​​and became one of the most widely read books in the world. Some theatrical productions and films have also raised the theme of this diary. The diary described as the work of a mature and insightful portrait of this thrust of everyday life deep under the Nazi occupation, through her ​​writing, Anne Frank became one of the victims of the Holocaust the most talked about.