Friday, July 30, 2010

Sylvia Fully Rahesita Miss Celebrity 2010

Fully Sylvia Rahesita Miss Celebrity 2010 - a pretty girl who comes from the city of Bandung was finally officially selected as Miss Celebrity 2010. The event itself is held by one private television station SCTV, with the main sponsor FUK.

Via, friendly greetings from Sylvia Fully Rahesita get cash prizes and also 100 million exclusive contract with the yr and SCTV selama1 aapartemen facility a year from their sponsors, FUK. He is also entitled to the money 20 million for other than the main title as Miss Celebrity 2010, he also won the title Miss Best Celebrity Skin.
In addition to Fully Rahesita Sylvia, Angelina Novi Cape contestants from Surabaya is also getting two categories yaaitu Miss Celebrity Favourite and also as Miss Celebrity Best Acting.
Then there was Gina Fizriya, finalists who came from Jakarta, who received the title of Miss Celebrity Best Prisenting and Jolene Maria Rotinsulu of Manado which managed to bring home the title of Miss Celebrity Photogenis.

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