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unique smell of Foreign Affairs of Indonesia

Unique Smelling Things Indonesia in Foreign Affairs: "
1. City 'Tempe' in Arizona, USA

Tempe is a city in Maricopa County, Arizona, United States, with the largest population in the year 2008 as many as 175 523. Tempe is located in the East Valley of Phoenix Metropolitan Area, bordered by Phoenix and Guadalupe to the west, north Scottsdale, Chandler to the south, and Mesa to the east. Tempe is the location of corporate headquarters of U.S. Airways Group, and the campus of Arizona State University's oldest and largest.

Second. Soccer Players Named Karel 'bald spot' in the Czech Republic
Karel bald spot (born January 28, 1980) is a football player and play as the Czech Republic midfielder. He currently plays for FC Red Bull Salzburg and national football team Czech Republic.

3. Rivers 'Crazy' in Arizona, USA

Mad River is a tributary of the Colorado River, its length is 650 miles (1044 kilometers) is located in between New Mexico and Arizona.

Indonesia in the Parc Paradisio 4.Taman Conservation Park, Brugelette, Belgium

Indonesia's first park in Europe is located in the Parc Paradisio, Brugelette, Belgium. Indonesian large complex 5-hectare park is indeed rare, unique both parties, not only for Europe but for the citizens of the community in Europe Indonesia. In this park there Buwana Shanti Puri Agung, Bali's actual-size, standing on terraced rice fields in Ubud style.

It is also equipped with a large replica of the towering temples of Prambanan, as well as a large boulder in the style of Gunung Kawi lined the walls of temples.

In front of the gate looks Houses Toraja, a replica of Borobudur temple and on the back of the house of traditional East Nusa Tenggara, were lined up around the tip of the park. It still diperindah with various statues, old tree roots, and large tree logs, which have become fossilized from Bantam.

5. Jalan Jalan Jakarta Soekarno and in Morocco

If there is a street named in Jakarta, Casablanca, a city famous in Morocco, then in Morocco also have the names of the streets smelled of Indonesia. Unmitigated behalf of Indonesia's first president, Sukarno, 'dicatut' became the name of the street in Morocco. There are also roads of Jakarta.

5. Jalan Kartini in the Netherlands

On April 21, the Dutch did not commemorate Kartini's day, such as Indonesia. However Kartini's name was known in Dutch as a fighter of women's rights.

Even several Dutch cities have a street name RA. Kartini.

Jalan RA Kartini in Utrecht or Kartinistraat located in quiet area with nice and most populated residential middle class. The main street is in the form 'U' that is larger than the roads that use a name other struggle leaders such as Augusto Sandino, Steve Biko, Chez Geuvara, Agostinho Neto.

In South Holland Venlo, RA Kartinistraat shaped 'O' in the region Hagerhof, there are around street names heroine Anne Frank and Mathilde Wibaut.

Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands, also immortalize the name of women's rights penjuang Java in the 17th century. Amsterdam Zuidoost area or better known as the Bijlmer, road Raden Kartini Ajeng written in full. Around it are the names of women from around the world who have contributed in history: Rosa Luxemburg, Nilda Pinto, Isabella Richaards.

Haarlem near Chris Soumokil
Most interesting observing where Kartini street in Haarlem. There Kartini street adjacent to the street Mohammed Hatta, Sutan Sjahrir and directly penetrate into the street Chris Soumokil second president of RMS (Republic of South Moluccas.)

there is a district in Utrecht, the Netherlands, a region of Lombok


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